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ZuckCoin, Tonnage and Benjamins

Marshmello, JPM Coin, Robots and More

Tale of Two Cities, The Cloud and The Browns

Inverted Yield Curve, The Fed and AI

October to Remember and the Atlas Robot

Longest Bull Market Ever?

Social Media Cleaning House, GDP and Disruption

Robots, GE and Alexa

New Highs for Small Caps, Cord-cutting and Akron’s Hot Real Estate Market

Bezos Annual Letter and Flattening Yield Curve

Market Scorecard and Volatility

E-Commerce Growth and Brand Loyalty

What Happened 301

The New Algorithm of Value

Annual Stock Market Contest

Cryptos, Low Vol and Wall Street “Experts”

Blockchain, the Four and Brick and Mortar Retailers

Pumpkin Roll and Big Tech Boom

Dow One Million, RIP Bears and the Tribe

Amazon HQ2, GDP and a Boring Year

Big Data in Ohio and Energy Divergence

North Korea and Electric Cars

Shark Week, All-Time Highs and Dollar Weakness

1st Half Performance, Solar Boom, iPhone Disruption

Amazon buys Whole Foods - The Cost of Solar Power is Dropping

Tons of Pigs, Data and Boxes

Retail Is Struggling Financially - Current Inflation Numbers are Out

Disruption and Active with Passive

Finances Show Us Retail Is Dying in 2017

China Used More Cement in 3 Years than the 20th Century

Domino’s Pizza Finances are Rising and Consumer Credit is Better than Ever

China is Selling US Treasuries - Jaguar and Shell join IoT

Survey Results and the “Enernet”

2017 Stock Market Contest

Exponential Human Growth

Is the Rental Market Cooling off?

The Positive Correlation of Rates and Stocks, Uber, and Rising Death Rates.

Island in the Sun

Muni Mayhem and Housing Starts

The Election and Today’s Market Activity

Higher Rates and the City of Champions

Whiskey Bubbles and the Land of Champions

Is "Low Beta" Really Low Beta?

Harvard Endowment Poor Performance and A.I.

Random Seasonality and more A.I.

The Sleeping Dog Has Woken

Driverless Ubers and Whether Passive Investing is Worse than Marxism

How Good are Sell-Side Analysts?

Pokemon and the New Bull Market

Brexit Stage Left

Brexit and the Cavs

Cracks Show in Consumer Credit

Are Stocks Really Better than Bonds?

Stocks at All-Time Highs

Happy Anniversary Stock Market

Perceived Risk and Human Nature

Valuation Dispersion and Jobs Report

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

The Great Rate Debate

America's Got Talent

Inflation and the Biggest Product Launch Ever

The Sharing Economy is here to stay

Dividend Stock Bubble?

Synchronized Bottom?

Is Steel Bouncing Back?

Kuwait on the Prairie

Facebook is Now Bigger than the Largest Country on Earth

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Restaurants are the New Retail

Oil, Texas Tea and Black Gold

Three Themes for the Future

The Rest of the Story on 2015 Returns

The Sharing Economy, the Fed, and 2016

Are Stocks Headed for a Bear Market?

Zuckerberg, Autonomous Cars & Flattening Yield Curve

Compounding to the Moon!

Retail Debacle

The Big Apple

Better Earnings, Stronger Job Numbers, Higher Rates

The Fed and the Pumpkin Roll

Is the Fed Behind the Curve?

Uber Interstates

Bear Market or Correction?

Home Sales and VW

Tesla, Oil, and a Rate Hike?

Insiders Buying Energy Stocks

Flash Crash Part Two

Tesla, Market Weakness and the Fed

Chinese Currency Devaluation

Death of the Bundle?

Market Top or Market Consolidation?

No Grexit?  Where will all the sidelined cash go?

NYSE closure and YTD Return Dichotomy

Worst Market Day of the Year

Charting the Recovery

Chinese Pharaoh

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